Family and Homeschool

(Continued from PART 1: Fall 2015 Newsletter)

Probably some of you wanted to hear more about our family than all those ministry stuff.  Thank you!  So, here we go!

We purchased a car in May for which we had asked you to pray and help. Thank you, again, for all your prayers and support!  It’s a 2006 Hyundai Trajet in a good condition.  We got it at €2,100 after three trips to Dublin.  It took me a while even to do some basic research on different car models and prices, because the models and even the vehicle categories are different here and I initially didn’t even know what I could buy for my family with the given budget.  But, eventually everything boiled down to two models only – Renault Scenic and Hyundai Traget. Continue reading “Family and Homeschool”