SeungHee wrote this Christmas greetings to you all. The family picture above is from last Christmas. 한글로 보시려면 이곳을 클릭해주세요!

Our dear friends in the Lord,

It’s Christmas time!

Being far apart in 3 different continents, but still together in the love of God, we as a family send you a sincere Christmas greetings!

Looking back the year of 2020, most our times we have been limited, prevented, not allowed in many ways in our lives. Yet, surprisingly we have been able to do many other things we would’ve not done otherwise in our simplified lives.

Personally I have been able to find more time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas as I was decorating the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. I felt like I was doing it only for Jesus not anyone else as if I was preparing a birthday party for Him like I used to for my three children! Truly Jesus is the beginning of and the reason for Christmas celebration!

At first, 2020 appeared to be just lost times but gradually I have been able to realize there are many reasons to be grateful! Without a doubt, the love and the comfort of God have always been there in my life, more than enough. Also, my heart has grown to appreciate many little, yet precious blessings I used to take for granted. Moreover, my faith in trusting the Lord has become firmer in humility and it’s a great gain of treasure!

We are also grateful to our God for you, and as a family we would like to say to you that we thank you, miss you and cheer you with all our hearts.

May this Christmas season bring you closer to our God whose love endures forever, and may you find many reasons to be grateful to Him!

SeungHee on behalf of family

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