2020 Fall Newsletter PART 1

Greetings, friends and families!

This is a long overdue update for you. My apologies! And, thank you so much for staying faithful to us with your prayers and support in the meantime! My prayer is that you and your family would find strength from our Heavenly Father in your everyday life and His abundant goodness in all your needs. I’ve got much to share, more about the family than the ministries this time. I will try to be brief.

Reaching the Peak of the Year – WOSM in India

I was in India last August and September to run WOSM, a YWAM missions training course, for local Indian missionaries. It was an amazing time with the total 27 students, and God gave us a good success. They were highly dedicated and gifted workers for the kingdom, and it was absolutely my honor to serve them. The training was intensive and effective. When it was over, their complaint was that it was just too short. But, it was timely for the hosting ministry as they were about to regroup the entire ministry and move the main operation location. Continue reading “2020 Fall Newsletter PART 1”