Irish Spring Greetings to You!

We hear some of you have moved, some started something new, some even thriving, most doing well where you are, yet some struggling with issues. We do pray that the Lord will keep you and give you grace for today… and again tomorrow! His love never fails!

And, here we give you our updates. We’ve been busy with a few projects already since January. Our application for another visa extension we had submitted in January went well, and we got another year in Ireland in March. Thank you for prayers! We are just grateful that we can continue our work with that God has entrusted us for here and now. The total costs for the extension this time were 1700 Euro which we now have to take care of. Would you consider to support us for this? We would appreciate it!

Fireside Gathering

Preparing Easter Dinner at Fireside Gathering

We started Fireside Gathering (college ministry meeting) again in January after a short Christmas break, but just had the last meeting of the semester last Saturday. The students are now having final exams and will go home soon after that. It was the last semester for some of them with whom we’ve shared our lives so much. Please pray with us that they would continue to grow as Jesus’ disciples and nation-disciplers.

STS Workshop

2019 STS Workshop

In February, we successfully ran another Simply The Story (STS) Bible storytelling workshop with 17 people total, including some ministers and missionaries. SeungHee served on the instructors’ team, and this time Yujin also participated as a trainee. We had 4 teenagers among the trainees, who made the workshop more lively and dynamic the whole time. Simply The Story is an excellent tool to equip anyone who desires to spontaneously share the gospel and witness to others, even more so where the gospel is yet to be preached. It’s because 80% of the world cannot or does not prefer to learn from reading but rather listening! In June, SeungHee and Yujin are planning to travel to Dublin and serve at another STS workshop as part of the instructors’ team. For more information on STS, please check it out here.

St. Patrick’s Day Party for Young Adults

St. Patrick’s Day Young Adults Party

This year we ran the Young Adults Evening during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend (the picture at the top) and had pretty good responses. We had more people coming and responding than any other year before, and also our own students from Fireside Gathering made us so happy and proud as they took much part in preparing and leading the event. Moreover, we had an outreach team from Fresh Church in Nashville for this event, and they did a fantastic job and blessed everyone. (Thank you again, Fresh Church!) Please pray for those newcomers to stay connected with us and grow in Christ!

Thank You for the Good Gift!

In the meantime, just for the last month, we had two big incidents and changes. One was our family car (minivan) had been having several major problems and had gone beyond a repairable condition finally to be scrapped. Thank God that car had served us for the last 4 years faithfully!  The other was that the July SOSM has suddenly been postponed to August.

Our New 2010 VW Golf

Both were big challenges, not easy for us to resolve, and the car issue was so urgent. So, while running a fundraiser for a new car, we began to look for a 10-year-old or younger small car. So thankfully many of you wanted to help us and we were able to buy a 2010 Golf in a good condition in 3 weeks. Many of you not only prayed and sent us gifts but also hired a car and lent your own car for us while we were searching for a new one! We thank you so much for all your gifts and help by which this new car was brought to us all the way from heaven! We will add many happy miles to it to serve many people who are entrusted to us! The fundraising project for the car has been terminated now but can be found here where you can see details over this incident. Now, please pray for me to do the work well that’s been delayed much for the car issue.


As the SOSM has been postponed, my travel schedule to where I am to run it also has been postponed. It may seem that I’ve got some extra time to work on it, but it’s rather not so. It’s just not simple to reorganize everything for the school at this point. I do need lots of help from the Lord and ask you to pray for this especially! This is an important project, first, for the local ministry who’s hosting it, and second, for the surrounding area at large is one of the most strategic places for the world mission. To run the SOSM, I need 6000 USD to bring in several top-quality speakers for their airfare. Please click here to see the special fundraiser for this. Please pray for this SOSM to go successfully! You can find information on the school itself here.

Family Stories

Now I’m slowing down a bit to give you updates on the family. We are excited that this summer that Kevin is coming home for a couple of months. It’s been almost 3 years already since he left for college. He’s been working hard and doing well at school. Please pray with us that he will continually grow to serve many people for the kingdom and His will.

Hyejin is also doing well at both school and work and proud of herself doing it. We miss her, too, but she won’t visit us this summer. She will be busy taking the summer school and working to save up for the fall semester during the summer. We are proud of her! Please pray with us that God will strengthen her and guide her dreams and plans every day.

So… we definitely got to have a family reunion this coming winter. 5 of us altogether! Please pray for this to happen. We are so longing for it as a family!

For Yujin, he’s been preparing for something big that’s coming this summer. Since he switched to lyrical dance from classical ballet last year, he’s been not only awarded a few times but also qualified to go to the World Championship in England this summer. Please pray for him to be a dancer who would have a passion for God’s glory and beauty, and be able to know His heart for people and express it to the audience. Please check out Yujin’s own newsletter here for his fundraising project to go to the World Championship and read his own story about it.

There have been already many things taken place in the last few months, and are more to come this summer. I’m realizing again that I got to rely on God’s power and grace not my own! We thank you again for your faithful support and prayers for us and do ask you to pray for us continually to be guided by God and for all our needs to be met! We’ll get back to you with a brief update in the summer.

Lastly, we give you the traditional Irish blessing. It’s an imagery poem.

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Yes, until we meet again…

Much love,

JooYoung for family

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