Dear friends and families around the globe,

2018 has been a victorious year as a family in many ways by the grace of our Heavenly Father, and we can’t thank you enough for all your support and prayers that have been enabling us to walk through it all. And here is an encouragement from the Lord for you: And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” – Jesus (Matthew 10:42)

Family Briefs

This is our first Christmas time as a family without two of our children, Kevin and Hyejin. We miss them terribly, but are happy that they are doing well in the Lord and we still have Yujin with us!

  • Kevin(21) is a political science & economics major and an international studies minor in his third year at SUNY Stony Brook in New York. He’s been excellent in everything he does, including working as an RA.
  • Hyejin(18) moved to Colorado in September for college. There, she’s been working at Walmart full-time to save up for her college, and will go to Pikes Peak Community College in January to major in biology, planning to become a vet later on. 
  • Yujin(16) is an outstanding dancer (ballet & lyrical dance) and a musician (violin), winning prizes at national lyrical dance competitions and performing for local youth orchestras in Ireland.

Each of them is a precious gift to us from our Lord, and we, as parents, are proud of and blessed for them! 

2018 Overview in Numbers

SeungHee has been even more active in ministry this year. Simply The Story (STS) and Knit & Stitch are new ones that she added in the following list. 

  • Ministry trips & teachings: 6 international trips (4 for SeungHee, only 2 for me – I know… she overtook me, yet sadly we had no trip together), to 3 continents and 8 countries, for 3 DTS’s and 4 STS’s, in 6 languages, and 20 preachings at 4 churches
  • Local gatherings, meetings & outreaches: 21 bi-weekly meetings of Fireside Gathering with 17 nationalities (college students), 52+ weekly meetings of 4 Shamrock Groups, 20 weekly servings at Knit & Stitch for 9 nationalities (mostly refugees), 19 weekly servings at Open Cafe to reach out to 500+ customers (mostly homeless), 40 weekly outreaches at Healing On The Street to pray for 120+ people, and more
  • Family: down to 3 at home, but globally spread over 2 continents and 3 states
  • Remaining events in December: Christmas dinner for international students (December 24), two last preachings (December 30)

2019 Hopes & Plans

These are our ideas. May the Lord confirm, guide, and provide for our steps! 

Prayer Points & Immediate Needs

  1. It’s been a joy and a wonderful journey with the Lord developing these ministries. Please ask God for His continual guidance and help for the plans in 2019 above that He would accomplish them all for His glory. 
  2. We once again need to extend our visas in January. Please pray for a smooth process and support us for the costs: Total 2,100 Euro (900 Euro for visas & 1,200 Euro for insurance).
  3. Every semester, the Lord’s been helping us to find a way to pay for Kevin’s college fees. In January, we’ll need US$15,000 for his college again. Please pray for this and support us if the Lord leads you. 
  4. Please pray that we would faithfully serve God’s purpose for this generation. 

If you want more detailed updates, check out our latest newsletter by clicking here. Or, just contact us! 

Merry Christmas to you all, and have a blessed new year! 

Much love, 

JooYoung for the family

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