Dear friends and families, 

Hope and pray you are all well in the Lord! It’s been a while again, and I’ve got a lot to bring you up to date, but will try not to dump too much on you. I’ll, of course, share more, if you personally contact me, though. 🙂 

The India trip back in April was successful. My teaching went very well for their training course, and it was good to be back in India after many years to see my old friends. Thank you for all your support and prayers! They wanted me to come back next year not only to teach again for the next school, but also to set up and run a whole new training course for them. What a blessing and an opportunity to serve them to reach further among the unreached, because the new training course is all about training and launching new missionaries into the most critical areas in the world!

So, the goal of the new course will be to see more workers in the western and northern India. The church in India has been growing fast for the last few decades and this is a victory God has given to the church. However, it was mostly in the southern areas of the country and the northern parts still remain largely unreached. In fact, the northern India and the Himalayas are one of the spiritually darkest places on earth, with the highest concentration of the unreached people groups in the world and with very few missionaries. Moreover, in recent years the Hindu government has been giving even more hard times to expat missionaries by denying visas and entrance to the country more often. Mobilizing and training local missionaries has become even more important and urgent! Please pray that God would raise many more local missionaries in India to reach the unreached in India, and this new course will be an effective tool to serve that goal. Because I need to set it up in the new location from very far, and then go there and run it next summer with very little on-site preps, I’ve got additional challenges, including communication, finding and preparing resources, organizing other things, and the travel costs for my family. Please pray for me to do the work well! 

College Ministry Meeting, the “Fireside Gathering”

Here in Sligo, Fireside Gathering (college ministry meeting), Shamrock Groups (discipleship ministry), DTS (Discipleship Training School), and other ministries have been going on. This year, we continued Fireside Gathering through the summer without a break, because we had several of our students remaining in town during the summer break. While some students had gone back home, other new students just joined us this semester. We see this as a great opportunity to reach out and serve college students from all over the world who come here for their higher education. We want to see many atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and nominal Christians among the college students to come to know Christ through this ministry, because we have all of them here and they are many. Please ask God to hep Fireside Gathering do the job well. 

SeungHee, instructing at STS workshop in France

Something new we started in Fireside Gathering this summer was giving Bible storytelling in the STS way for the students, instead of my teachings. STS (Simply The Story) is an effective way of Bible storytelling to help people find spiritual treasures in the Bible. It’s much enjoyable for anybody regardless of age and culture to learn the Bible this way. Moreover, it is a cross-cultural and reproducible method of inductive Bible study with that you can go very deep in studying the Word of God, not merely a storytelling. We hosted the first STS workshop in Sligo about a year ago to provide a training for the local Christian community. This year, SeungHee has traveled to the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, and France to get additional trainings and train others for STS as an assistant workshop instructor. About a month ago, one of our students at Fireside Gathering did an STS workshop in Finland with SeungHee, and he’s been already ministering to many people with it ever since. Praise God! We are going to host a second STS workshop in Sligo next February. Please pray for this! We want to see many people learning this amazing way of Bible storytelling in order to witness to Jesus and bring many to believe in Him. 

SeungHee and I have been also continuing with the Shamrock Groups every week. A Shamrock Group is made up of two or three people, meeting once a week with strong emphases on extensive Bible reading, mutual accountability, and spontaneous witnessing and multiplication. The goal is to make and multiple growing disciples of Jesus everywhere. We have two groups going on at the moment, one with me, the other SeungHee. Please pray that these groups will multiply to disciple many others. 

Hyejin’s Homeschool Graduation

In the meantime, there has been a big change in the family. Hyejin graduated from our homeschool and moved to Colorado for college in the summer. She just got a job there and will start going to college in the spring semester. We are so proud of her and grateful for the family who is voluntarily hosting her – They are God-given friends and a treasure to us. While we ask you to pray for Hyejin as she just stepped out to a big new chapter in her life, we also ask you to pray for the youngest daughter of the hosting family. She had a terrible car accident in September and got multiple serious injuries, including fractured bones and brain damage. It was a miracle that she came out alive after her car rolled on a highway. So thankfully she’s been showing fast recoveries and improvements everyday in many areas. But, at the same time there seems to be a long way for her to go to be completely healed and whole again. I would really appreciate your prayers for her and the family! 

With our 2018 DTS

DTS is also going on right now here, and SeungHee and I both are much involved in it. We are grateful for our wonderful students that they are learning and growing fast everyday in the Lord. Early next month they are going to the Middle East for outreach before they come back here and graduate in February. Please pray for them to continually grow in God and to rise up as leaders in their generation for the Kingdom! Knit & Stitch is a ministry for woman asylum seekers and refugees in that SeungHee is involved along with other local Christian ladies to serve those from Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Most of them are Muslims. Please pray that they will open their hearts and come to know Jesus as they are knitting and stitching together every week.

Image 2
Some of the ladies at “Knit & Stitch”

We’ve got other needs as followings and also ask you for prayers and help! We need to soon again extend our visas and we need a favor of the Irish government and financial support for this. Specially for this time, they just restricted the visa regulations earlier this year, and the price for the mandatory insurance also got much higher (probably more than doubled). So we’ll keep you updated as we find more details and start the process soon. Also, please remember in your prayers our need for Kevin’s college fees. 

One last thing… Why do I do all these above (and others)? Very simple but big. It is to see 200,000 young new missionaries rising among the young generation from all over the world and going to the ends of the earth by 2025! Why do I want to see this one thing? Because I’m longing to see the maximum glory of God among all nations and welcome the second coming of the Lord together with our children! I continually ask you to stand with us!!! 

Until All Have Heard… 

Love you, 

JooYoung for family 

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