Quick Update on Current Needs

This is a quick update (which got a bit longer – find out why below) on our current needs about what I initially shared in the last winter newsletter.

First, we are very encouraged and thankful to tell you that most of the following needs have been met in time – EUR 800 for the car repair costs (wiper motor, ignition coils, and other minor repairs), and USD 3,400 for the first quarter of Kevin’s spring semester tuitions and fees. We were blown away by the generous gifts from a couple of donors, though we don’t even know who the second person was! We deeply thank God and those of you who gave for the sacrificial and timely giving!

The second encouraging story is that a few of weeks ago we got our visa extended for another year. The whole process was much smother and quicker than expected. Thank you again for all your prayers for this, and we want you, too, to feel encouraged for all God’s favor and help!

Now the followings are still remaining as a challenge, yet we believe God wants to take care of it all very soon. We again ask you to stand and pray with us, and help us, if the Lord directs you to do so, by giving toward it. Each of the followings is urgent!

  1. Visa extension costs: Now only USD 1,100 (or EUR 900) for insurance. EUR 1,800 or USD 2,220 total (visa EUR 600 + mandatory insurance EUR 1,200)
  2. India trip: USD 0. Yes, it’s zero now. USD 1,100 (or EUR 880) This is to teach at a DTS in India in early April, and their budget is not big enough to cover speakers travel costs. Speakers in YWAM often raise their own travel costs when speaking in such places.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE WHILE WRITING THIS… I had to change the numbers above all of sudden because we just found out that someone had direct deposited a special donation in our account a few days ago which is more than enough to cover the visa fees. Not only that, only a couple of hours ago I got an email from an old friend that he’s covering my India trip costs. I’m blown away again… You know, I haven’t even finished this update yet! We are so thankful for all these special gifts! Now we just need additional USD 1,100 for the insurance because each giving was slightly more than enough for the visa and for the India trip. I believe that God wanted to encourage all of you, not just me, as you read this. He wants to build up your faith, too, with this update! So, please be encouraged for His goodness!

OK… Now I need to share with you something even more challenging. I didn’t want to talk to you about it initially to be honest, because I thought it might rather discourage you or give you only questions, not answers. It’s Kevin’s college tuitions and fees. This spring semester alone, we need USD 10,200 additionally (or USD 3,400 a month, Feb-Apr) for his college. This is after all his scholarships and payments he’s receiving from his work with 3 jobs. He’s doing excellent academically and in other ways, too, but still not eligible for most scholarships and grants because he neither has a high school diploma from Korea when he is a Korean citizen nor has a US green card or citizenship when studying in the US. Many people have been questioning that he should be able to find many more scholarships and grants available for him, but his case is really unique and not the same as most others. So, we still need to depend on God’s provisions in other ways. Please stand with us in prayer, and help us, if the Lord leads to do so.

This is all for now. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Many blessings and much love,

JooYoung for family

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