Greetings to families and friends all around the Globe! As we celebrate Jesus for His coming and dwelling among us during this season of the year, we give thanks to God for His faithful love that’s been once again shown to us through your committed support and prayers this year and send our year-end update to you.

I read an interesting article earlier this year. It said that the reason why we felt that the time had been going much slower when we were little is that we had been constantly absorbing so much information from all around all the time, but as growing up we stop learning as much and, as a result, begin to feel the time has been going faster. In short, the more we learn, the slower we feel the time goes. (Or does it actually go slower like the Relativity?) Well, it makes sense to me in a way. The amount of learning shouldn’t be the only factor that makes us feel how fast or slow the time goes (Pain and pleasure can be another one, for example), but it can be the most critical factor in one’s life. So, how much do you think you’ve learned so far this year considering how fast you feel this year has been gone? For me, honestly, most of the time I think I know something, instead of listening to others to learn from them. Anyway, it’s a time to count the blessings and grace of God in our lives and give Him all praises that He deserves and to expect a bigger move of God for the next year!

Seunghee holding Kevin’s teddy bear for missing him

After the last update I gave you in the summer, I had an opportunity to teach in Businessmen’s DTS’s in Korea in August. It was both wonderful and challenging because to teach is always to learn. My primary goal of teaching is to mobilize people into their places for the kingdom of God, meaning I endeavor to help them move toward their callings for the kingdom, including for the full-time missions. It is still my prayer for some of them to radically rise and become career missionaries because we’ve got only 400,000 of them globally and for others to disciple their own spheres of society, living as radically and dedicated as full-time missionaries for the kingdom. Please join me in prayer to see 200,000 young new missionaries rise up from all around and go to the ends of the earth!

In September our 2017 DTS was started which has successfully finished the lecture phase and is currently on outreach in the Middle East. Please keep them in prayers that they will rise as leaders of their generation for the kingdom. In October I hosted a Bible storytelling workshop, Simply The Story (STS), which was intensive but so wonderful. We just thank God that it ended successfully in every measure. The attendees included church leaders and ministers from 4 different counties in Ireland and from Scotland. SeungHee and I both not only hosted it but also attended the whole course, juggling everything in between. It was an important step for the SOSM development because STS will be part of the SOSM and storytelling will be one of the main tools given to the students. Now I just began checking on oral translation as well to eventually support End Bible Poverty Now project with the SOSM, which YWAM has initiated to bring the Bible to the 16,000 languages that don’t have the Bible in any portion, in any format. This whole development of the SOSM has been a journey for me. I really need God’s continuous guidance and help. Please pray for me!

Bible storytelling workshop instructors and some of the attendees

College Ministry had also had a kick-off for the fall semester in September which we just wrapped up for the Christmas break with a beautiful fondue Christmas party a couple of weeks ago (the picture at the top) before everybody went back home for Christmas. This semester we had less Asian students but more involvement of European students which was wonderful in a different way. One great thing God has done was that we had a new convert and I have been privileged to disciple him and he’s been spiritually growing every day. He is a French student and I really would appreciate your prayers for him that he would continually grow in Christ!

Over a year ago I started the Shamrock Group with one homeless man, which is a very simple, yet powerful way of making and multiplying disciples of Jesus. It’s been slow but this fall we added a third person to the group. Also, I was able to start another Shamrock Group with the new convert that I mentioned above. A Shamrock Group is only two or three people, meeting once a week, doing only three things: Sin is mutually confessed; Scripture is repeatedly read; Souls are specifically prayed for. Once a fourth person is proven to be faithful to the process, the group splits into two and multiplies. Then both groups repeat the same process. This is to bring spontaneous changes in people’s lives from the inside out. My prayer is to see these tiny grassroots grow into a small movement. Please pray with me!

This fall SeungHee and I also started a prayer ministry at Open Cafe to help people find their original design of God and get free from the enemy’s lies in their lives. We’ve been doing it every Wednesday spending at least a couple of hours, praying for a few people at a time. Most of the time we are praying for people who still have addictions. Please ask God to move in their lives!

An important update here… Just last month we filed our visa extension, hoping to stay a few more years in Ireland. We have been extending our visa every year and this is our third extension trying to go into the fourth year. The challenge is that from the third extension and onward it is exceptional per Irish law. It takes a favor of the Irish government. We are still at a pioneering stage in ministry and we need at least a few more years to establish things in place not only to be sustained but also to hopefully grow. So, Please pray for God’s move!

Christmas is only a few more days away, but one thing that saddens our hearts is that we are not going to have Kevin with us for Christmas. Instead, he will be in Colorado with our friends, which we are happy about because we love this family, and go back to school later in January. He’s been enjoying the school much, especially working as an RA. It seems he’s been growing in maturity in every measure every semester, thanks to our Heavenly Father for him. Please continue to pray for his school fees. We’ll probably need about USD 14,000 for the next semester after all the payments received from his scholarship and the job as an RA at school applied. [UPDATED]

Hyejin has now only one more semester to go until her homeschool graduation before she will take a gap year. Yujin is doing well, being just Yujin the teenager.

SeungHee and I are both personally doing well but want to ask you to add the followings in your prayers and consideration of giving because these financial needs are big, beyond our abilities. Please contact me for further information.

  1. Car repairs: total EUR 670/USD 800 immediately – ignition coils (320 Euro), wiper motor (350 Euro) for the expensive parts
  2. India trip: USD 1,000 by Feb 2018 – This is for the airfare for me to go to Calcutta, India next April to teach in their DTS.
  3. Kevin’s college fund: USD 3,400 a month from Jan thru Apr 2018, or total of USD 13,600 by Jan 2018  – Explained above [UPDATED]
  4. Visa extension fees (by Mar 2018): total EUR 1,700/USD 2,000 – visa (EUR 900), mandatory private health insurance (EUR 800)

ATTENTION: Supporters in Korea, the giving information for tax-deduction will be changed starting from January 2018. Details will be given in the Korean newsletter.

Thanks for reading our newsletter once again, and we also take you guys before God’s throne in prayer that God will fill your lives and families with great joy, peace, health, and every other good thing from heaven.

Merry Christmas to you! God has come and made His dwelling among us!!!

Much love,

JooYoung and the family

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