Dear friends,

We send you from our hearts our love and prayers. Though you have barely heard from us, we have thought of you often, mostly with prayers. But, no excuse for my much-delayed update. I am sorry that it’s been a year already! I am the worst of all I know of in this kind of ministry when it comes to keeping friends updated regularly. For the same reason, I always have trouble with how to tell you so many stories from the past year, when each is a story.

I’ll start with a family update first this time,

…which is unusual for me if you know. The top news of the year in the family is that, of course, Kevin has gone off to college in New York this summer – He wanted to go to the East Coat area in the US and major in International Relations. Many of you in Korea have spent time with Seunghee and Kevin and financially supported him for his college while they were there for his US visa application. We were so grateful for you! Thank you so much again! Without your prayers and help, he could’ve not made it when it was an important step to him and all of us as a family.

So many of you in Sligo had contributed to Kevin’s college fund, as well, before Seunghee and Kevin left for Korea. You made us feel so blessed and grateful! Many of you in Ireland, Korea, and the US gave us exceptional gifts with cash, gift cards, or other things like a MacBook or an iPhone for Kevin. Not only that, you treated Seunghee and Kevin with such hospitality as a nice dinner, a hotel room, a bed in your home, or even a trip for a tour. One of you included Kevin in your family cell phone plan, so he never needed to worry about phone bills from the beginning. I can’t even list all that you have done for us just this time alone, and express enough for my grateful heart for you! Thank you and thank you so much for all your love, prayers, and help!

In all this, I’m also proud of Seunghee so much for what she’s done as a mom. She has traveled with Kevin all the way to Korea, to New York, then back to Ireland, literally around the globe which took her ten weeks. It was a missions trip for her as a mom. Yes, she was exhausted when she came back. In the meantime, I had stayed at home with the other kids, working and cooking every day. It wasn’t simple doing it all, but I enjoyed learning a lot how to shop and cook daily with given ingredients, thanks to online recipes.

Hyejin’s continually homeschooled and enjoys learning art from a local artist. Yujin wanted to go to public school this summer, so we respected his desire, and he’s been enjoying it.

And now, it’s already time again we need to pay for Kevin’s next semester. So, help, Lord! (Knock, knock…)

As for my ministries…

I have a School Of Strategic Missions scheduled to go next February, and I would appreciate your prayers for it! I have updated the SOSM to adapt to the needs of today’s missions in a few major ways, and this SOSM will be different even from what I had in mind earlier this year in how it is run as well as what is taught. You can find details about it at YWAM Sligo’s website if you want, but the biggest difference will be its modular format so it can be better adapted to the needs of the students and the school location. Probably this will be the first school of missions in YWAM that goes modular.

It’s been much more challenging and frustrating than expected with lots of my efforts and time put in to get this school off the ground – I even traveled to University of the Nations Kona in Hawaii which is the biggest training facilities in YWAM early this year in hopes of mobilizing students, but have got nothing out of it. Mobilization has been the biggest challenge. It was mainly because I didn’t understand enough about it… and there is a lot I mean in “it.” Well, I hope and pray it will take off this time. If it doesn’t, it will by the next time.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a disciple-making ministry this year, currently focusing on a couple of homeless people with it. I have adopted Neil Cole’s Life Transformation Groups for this and rebranded it in the Irish way, the Shamrock Groups, and we do only three things in the group – sin is confessed in mutual accountability, scripture is read repetitively in context and community, and souls are prayed for specifically and regularly. Much part of the principle of this ministry is what we have been already using for Church Planting among the unreached and other training in YWAM for decades. But, Neil has polished and packed it down to what it should be the core so well, so it has become even more applicable cross-culturally in many places around the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I just ran a pilot meeting for what I named the Open Worship, a college students gathering for worship and fellowship in hopes of serving local college students in Sligo. Several students came, including Malaysian and Irish. There are so many college students here in Sligo, yet so little outreach is made for them. Sligo IT has many international students from all over Asia, Africa, and Europe as well as Irish. Most of them are not following Jesus, even more so for the Irish students. Sounds weird? But, true! Believe or not, it seems that Irish students are not only less evangelized, but also less responsive to the gospel. Please pray for me to get this started well. I’m only at the beginning of the beginning of this.

Oh, well. It’s 2016 Christmas Eve tonight.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! The King of kings, the Lord of lords has come! Let’s celebrate His birth to us!!! Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven… Come, Lord Jesus, come!

On earth peace to you on whom His favor rests,

Your brother in Christ, Jooyoung
for family

ps. Seunghee wrote up a Korean version of this winter edition with much more in detail in case you just clicked the wrong link to get here or simply are curious about Korean letters… 😉

4 thoughts on “2016 Update & Christmas Greetings

  1. Thank you for the update. I never heard about a financial donation opportunity for Kevin. Well, at least I took Seunghee and Kevin out for dinner once, which seems to be listed as well haha. It was good to see them. I hope everything goes well for you and your family. Oh, and I think sending Yujin to a public institution was a fabulous idea. Being who he is, I think he would benefit much more from a public school.

    All the best,

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    1. Thank you Seungmin for the nice comment here. I had not felt it was right in the summer to ask people for financial help for Kevin. So we’ve never asked anybody for this so far and that’s why actually we were even more blown away. People still gave us much for Kevin and God had completely met our financial needs for his first semester which was exactly our goal. All the nice hospitality they gave us was great comforts and encouragements to us, as well, including yours. So thank you! Now I’m seeking God again for his next semester which is coming at us fast. I’ll keep you updated! Blessings,


  2. It was great to hear your news. I will pray for open hearts in Ireland and for Yu Kon’s provision. When did he take the name Kevin? I am so amazed that he is in University already.
    Blessings from Greeley CO to you old and dear friends!

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    1. Hi Laurie, how are you all? And everyone in the family, your kids and Bryan? It’s good to hear from you and thank you! I have given each of our children an English name as a second name when they were born. We’ve not used them except for Yukang. During his elementary school years, people mispronounced his name so much too often including the teachers that he was bothered too much so I offered him a choice and he decided to go by Kevin back then. When the meanings of the two names Yukang and Kevin are identical, it’s been rather helpful for him to build a strong identity around both names. Are you settled well in Colorado? I was recently contacted by someone whose name was Ivar and thought about you guys. He said he’s got ministries going on in the area you guys used to be. Love you guys,


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