The Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Not for the Reason You Are Thinking

A year end is always a special time, as I want to wrap up the year and get ready for the new year to be opened up. But, that’s not makes it noble and lofty — it’s, of course, Christmas! God has come to be with people! The Son of God came down to save and bring us back to the Father. But still, that is only half the story. Yes, you heard me right… only half. The other half is that He brought the Kingdom down to expand it throughout the whole world, which has been always God’s intention from the very beginning, while the salvation part originally wasn’t. The Kingdom of heaven is meant to come down, as always. It’s not that we are not saved and going up to heaven, but we are also coming back down on earth where the Kingdom is going to be established for ever and more. So, you want to come back down in your new resurrected body. The Kingdom has been up there in heaven from eternity, and God has been bringing it down on earth for eternity — starting in the garden of Eden — as Jesus taught us how to pray!

So amazing God! Beautiful Savor! And, a wonderful world… His world! His Kingdom come! Come, Jesus! Come back on us! Come again, and stay… now and forever!!!

For that to happen, we have homework to do, corporately as His body, in two folds. To be pure and holy as His bride that’s His commandment to us, and to finish the job preaching the Gospel to the ends of the earth that’s His covenant (commission) with us.

Thank you, Jesus, for coming to help us as well as save us all! Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year… with the God of Advent!

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