The Celtic Heroes that Saved Europe

(Continued from PART 2: Family and Homeschool)

Despite the fact that the most of the Irish Catholics, which makes about 90% of the population, is said to be only nominal Christians, and despite the fact that this country became the first to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote (not by the Parliament, nor by the Court) this year, Europe could have fallen into darkness during the long-ago Middle Age and not risen from their spiritual, cultural downfall, if it weren’t for these Irish people.  It was a historic movement started in the 6th century that saved the European Civilization by the Celtic Irish missionaries who brought the gospel back to the Britain and to western Europe.

They were once called as barbarians by the Romans, but reached by Saint Patrick with the gospel in the 5th century, then later braved to cross the sea and rebuilt the Britain and other European societies with the gospel, that had collapsed along with the Roman Empire.  Every where they went, they established a monastery which became the center of technology, high education, and culture as well as spiritual life, and left manuscripts of many important books, including the Bible.  Those Bible manuscripts not only saved the souls of the Europeans, but also became the source of the strength that later raised the strong European Civilization.  Among the many Bible manuscripts, the Book of Kells is the most famous and beautiful, which is registered as a Unesco World Heritage and displayed at Trinity College Library in Dublin.

Unlike the centralized Roman Catholic missionaries who were rather (culturally) romanizing the societies, the Celtic missionaries respected the indigenous cultures and reached out to locals with hospitality, technologies, medicine, and education.  Their monasteries were the advance bases and outposts of the Kingdom to reach out to and teach the pagan nations, not places to escape from the world.

In our Heroes SOSM, we want to humbly learn from these ancient heroes of missions, nurture young new missionaries, and serve the nations to bring the Kingdom on earth.  In addition to this, by joining End Bible Poverty Now, we want to do our bit to bring the Word of God to the nations that will teach and transform them.


  1. Please pray that God would give Seunghee strength and wisdom for homeschooling the kids; Kevin would have guidance and help from God for his college and next steps; the financial needs for his college would be met.
  2. We need two MacBook computers, most of all, for everyday homeschool – Currently the kids are using a 10-year old MacBook, and Seunghee a 9 & 1/2-year old one.  Please pray for this, and if you want to financially help us for this, please contact us.
  3. Please pray that the Heroes website ( would be completed soon so all the recruitment and application process would be efficiently going; the oral Bible translation project would be well prepared; and all needed staff would come in time.
  4. The West of Ireland Centre is renovating and expanding their buildings.  Please pray that everything will be finished and ready for the Heroes DTS and SOSM by next April.
  5. We need two vans for the SOSM.  The vans only would cost 7,000 euros, and total 12,500 euros including taxes and insurance.  Please pray for these.

Blessings and love,

Jooyoung Park for family

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