Fall 2015 Newsletter

(한글 뉴스레터는 이곳을 클릭해주세요.)

Just recently I had another meeting with the owners of the camp center where we are going to run the Heroes SOSM (School Of Strategic Missions) and DTS (Discipleship Training School) side by side at YWAM Sligo next April.  They are a wonderful couple who’ve been serving the Lord in a few different countries, and now running this ministry called the West of Ireland.  The ministry’s camp center is ideally built and situated for YWAM training schools with enough facilities to accommodate up to 150 people, only 10 minutes outside Sligo town. In the spring time, we can use the entire facilities, because there won’t be any camps running at the center.

When they started running the camp center years ago, they had the word of the Lord that it would be used to train young people who would reach out and preach the gospel to the nations.  As we are planning to use their place for our DTS and SOSM to train young new missionaries, it seems the promise of the Lord that they received many years ago for them is about to be fulfilled.  I am so excited and privileged to serve such a faithful God!

Back in March when we moved into our house over this country side of Sligo, we were just so thankful for this beautiful and spacious home mainly for homeschooling our kids. But, we had no idea there was such a facility nearby.  I can even walk to the camp center in 10 minutes.  Something I’m going to enjoy as running the SOSM next year.

Now, let me fill you with our summer and fall stories.  I don’t really feel like we’ve had a summer this year, though.  Part of the reason should be the sudden living environmental change we are having this year, but still there weren’t many days that ever reached 20 degrees Celsius (about 70 Fahrenheit) through the summer in Sligo.  Even local Irish people are saying that this summer was particularly not good with so many rainy days.

By the way, we now have a car for that I have asked you to pray and help earlier this year.  Thank you so much for all your prayers and help!  I’ll give you the detail about it in a later part of this newsletter.


As mentioned above, the SOSM has been rescheduled to get started in next April, for some important things will be much better coming together then, including a place to run it and recruitment.  I’m working busy every day and night setting it up, yet my to-do list still seems ever becoming longer for the major change we recently brought in.  Oh, I do need to pray more!  I ask you to pray for and with me!!!

The big change is that we cancelled the Germany part of the 12-week long lecture phase and decided to run it all within Ireland.  Instead, we added one big project to the entire school course – End Bible Poverty Now!  EBPN is a large scale Bible translation project, initiated by Loren Cunningham the founder of YWAM, to finish translating the Bible into all the remaining languages by 2035.  For this, we decided to mobilize and train new workers for oral Bible translation with our Heroes SOSM.  Oral Bible translation is often needed first out in the field before literal translation of the Bible and a very effective way to reach them with the gospel in their own (spoken) language and teach them further to be followers of Jesus.

YWAM has a lot of various ministries internationally, but Bible translation is an unfamiliar area to most of us.  It is completely new to me, and there is no training course for it within YWAM.  So, we are right now working on recruiting some help for us.  I need to add this part into the training topics and contents, and adjust the entire training course, also.  And, through the fall and the winter, I have a lot of work to do for all the school materials to be prepared and ready by next year.

Following is a list of websites that are currently related to my ministries.  The Heroes website is still under construction, but you can still see the site holder and get some good feeling.  I hope and pray it will be completed by the end of the month.


The DTS has been started a month ago at YWAM Sligo and is going well, run by my long-time friend George, with 13 students from 5 different countries.  I am planning to go to the Frontier Missions Gathering for the British Isles in Scotland later this month for networking with other Frontier Missions workers in Europe.  As coming to a new country and setting up a brand new ministry, I have felt so much and so many times that I needed to make some connections in the European region.  Other than Northern Ireland, which is part of UK, we are the only YWAM base in Ireland.  I need to go to the gathering to network and ask for help for the SOSM.

After all, coming to Ireland, I am a newbie again after 25 years of ministry in YWAM.  Wonderful!!!  I want to learn.  Please pray for me!  However, I don’t need to learn a new language this time which I am glad about.  Irish English accent is pretty strong, though… And I have some funny stories to tell you about the Irish people now.  So, let me tell you about it.  (Continuing in PART 2: Family and Homeschool)

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