Dear families and friends,

(한국어 뉴스레터는 이곳을 클릭해주세요.)

Greetings to you all from the far west land of Eurasia – Sligo, Ireland!

Hi, it’s JooYoung here!

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, after a long journey from the other end of Eurasia, when we landed in Dublin over three weeks ago. I looked outside the airplane window and saw a green field around. It was beautiful! That was, however, only to find out how dramatically the weather can change in Ireland. When we transferred to a bus for another 3-hour long ride to continue to Sligo, it began to snow. We couldn’t sleep much the first night in Sligo due to the hail that was constantly pounding on the window with gusting winds the whole night. We tasted the last bit of the Irish winter.

Now we have sunny days almost everyday, with still lots of winds and some showers. I began to understand why for Irish people talking about the weather is a greeting to each other.

We have been busy to settle as a family and accomplished a few major things. (Thank God that we have another family here who’ve been helping us with their cars.) We now have a rental contract done on a beautiful house outside the town. We are excited to move in it this Saturday. Housing was more expensive in town so we went outside the town a little bit to find this spacious place that we would call a home for this season. The cargo from Korea has also arrived a few days ago. Yay!!! We are thankful!

There were a couple of hiccups about our visa/registration process here, but now it’s been all resolved and everything’s alright. Thank God, again, for the nice immigration officer!

We are also putting our efforts on a few other things at the moment. SeungHee has been, of course, busy with homeschooling the kids and preparing meals everyday since the Spring semester has already begun while we were moving from Korea. Please pray for her and the kids in the midst of this transition. Kevin has got lots of work to do to prepare to go to college next year. He’s got an SAT test coming within about five weeks. Please pray for God’s guidance and help for him. 

Getting an Irish driver’s licence and a car is a priority, as well. Cars are very expensive here, because Ireland is an island. To get a 10-year old tiny minivan (smaller than a regular minivan), I would need 3,000–4,000 Euros (or over 5,000 Euros for more popular models). Thank God with me that just yesterday someone donated 800 Euros. I now have 2,500 Euros for a car as well as tax and insurance. I would appreciate it, if you also pray about adding a bit to it. Please click here to find out how to give for our ministry. 

I also have a full list in my mind to prepare the SOSM in September. I need help from the Lord. I will skip details about it this time, since I have mentioned it last time. But, please pray for me and the school. The School Of Strategic Missions is a 6-month long missionary training program of YWAM to train long-term field workers. Anybody who has completed a DTS can come, and we are especially focusing on the 7 Strategic Initiative areas of the world. With this SOSM we will target the Middle East and Central Asia among them. We need more missionaries for the world! 

At the moment, I don’t have a reliable internet connection. After we move in the house, things will become better over time. In the meantime, here is our new cell/mobile phone numbers.

  • JooYoung +353-83-478-0831
  • SeungHee +353-83-468-6806

Our Korea phone is same as before: +82-70-8285-6199 (VoIP)

Probably this is our 6th (or more) moving from country to country since SeungHee and I got married in 1995. Each time we moved, we crossed an ocean, crossed a continent, crossed languages and cultures. It’s been alway our privilege to serve the Lord and serve the nations that He loves in such a way. It’s been possible only because our God really is a good and faithful God who loves to empower us.

So, you, too, can come here and do a DTS or any other YWAM base, and serve in the mission. We really do need a lot more missionaries in the world. Jesus said, “Go… and make disciples of all nations” anyway.

I would appreciate your prayers for the ministry, giving for our car, or participating in the mission in anyway. And, remember that your prayer carries us… alway! 

Blessings and love,

JooYoung for the family

ps. Next time, we’ll post pictures from here, too.


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